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A Message From Our Leadership

A Message From Our Chairman of the Board of Directors

Fondation Mérieux USA was established in 2011 in order to strengthen technical and financial partnership with like-minded foundations, civil society and government development agencies in the United States. I am privileged to serve as chairman of its Board of Directors, with the task of working with a group of highly qualified non-executive directors to help broaden the geographic reach, and create new momentum for Fondation Mérieux with support from partners in North America.

The vision of Fondation Mérieux USA builds on that of Dr. Charles Mérieux who in 1967 established Fondation Mérieux (France) in order to help protect people around the world from infectious disease. Fondation Mérieux USA has been created by Dr. Mérieux’s son Alain, and his grandson Alexandre, and provides to U.S. partners a reach into francophone countries that was not previously possible.

I am pleased to be a small part of this unique family foundation, and hope you will find it interesting to partner with Fondation Mérieux USA as it continues to build its U.S. portfolio of development projects throughout the world.

David L. Heymann, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors

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