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BAMS Haiti and Mali graduating classes 2014-2015

July 22, 2015 | Bamako (Mali) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

Eighteen students from BAMS Haiti and 25 students from BAMS Mali celebrated their graduation from the 2014-2015 course.

BAMS Haiti

On May 22, 18 students of the 4th BAMS Haiti program received a Bachelor of Science in Biological and Applied Medical Science.

The ceremony took place at the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel in the presence of Ms. Jacqueline Coulon Monteil, representing the French Embassy; Dr. Jacques Boncy, Director of the National Laboratory of Public Health of Haiti; Alain Charbonneau, Director of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF); and Dr. Josette Najjar, Training & Courses Manager at Fondation Mérieux. Representatives from the Ministry of Public Health and Population, the School of Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnology (ESTBB) and the Catholic University of Lyon also attended the event.

During the commencement address, Dr. Boncy spoke about his satisfaction with the BAMS training and underlined the impact the program makes by helping the Ministry of Health in its work. BAMS allows for "the start of improving the quality of patient care within the country," according to Dr. Najjar.

After 8 months of studies, the 18 students succeeded in the program and are now part of the 64 alumni that have been trained in Haiti since 2011.


Twenty-five BAMS Mali students participated in a graduation ceremony held June 26th at the Charles Mérieux Infectiology Center in Bamako.

Dr. Souleymane Sacko, representing the Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene of Mali, Isabelle Hardy, Director of the School of Biology - Biochemistry – Biotechnology (ESTBB) of the Catholic University of Lyon, Dr. Josette Najjar, Training & Courses Manager at Fondation Mérieux and Prof. Souleymane Diallo, Director of the Charles Mérieux Infectiology Center, participated in the ceremony with the faculty and guests.

With six students receiving diplomas with honors, the 8th graduating class achieved some of the most outstanding results since the creation of BAMS Mali.

Isabelle Hardy, who coordinates the course content, declared, “Take pride in who you are and pursue your career”.

Josette Najjar added, "Be ambassadors for what you have learned and be sure to teach it to others".

The 9th class enters September 28, 2015 with 24 students. A new country will be represented in the class: the Central African Republic.

About BAMS

A degree program created in 2007 in Mali and 2011 in Haiti, by the School of Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Lyon and Fondation Mérieux, BAMS enables healthcare professionals to strengthen both their skills and theoretical knowledge. Classes during the 8-month course are provided by experts in clinical biology (cellular and molecular biology, immunology, parasitology, bacteriology, epidemiology, virology, and hematology). The course participants deepen their understanding of good laboratory practices, quality control, biosecurity and the logistics of managing a laboratory.

Training and knowledge-sharing are a key area of focus for Fondation Mérieux. In collaboration with other training organizations and universities, the Foundation aims to enhance expertise in biology in the field to provide populations with quality diagnostics and improved patient care.

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