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Coxsackievirus A21, enterovirus 68, and acute respiratory tract infection, China

  • Authors: Xiang Z, Gonzalez R, Wang Z, Ren L, Xiao Y, Li J, Li Y, Vernet G, Paranhos-Baccalà G, Jin Q, Wang J.

  • Journal: Emerg Infect Dis. 2012 May;18(5):821-4.

  • Type: Article

  • Directorate: Scientific Directorate

  • Published: 2012


During August 2006-April 2010, in Beijing, China, 2 rare human enterovirus serotypes, coxsackievirus A21 and enterovirus 68, were detected most frequently in human enterovirus-positive adults with acute respiratory tract infections. Thus, during some years, these 2 viruses cause a substantial proportion of enterovirus-associated adult acute respiratory tract infections.

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