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Knowledge Sharing and Training

Sustainable approaches to prevent infectious disease outbreaks and improve patient care involve the active exchange of scientific innovation and knowledge.

In addition to ensuring access to accurate diagnostics and research capabilities, communities must also be equipped with highly trained and qualified personnel.

Global dissemination of scientific innovation

The Mérieux Foundation is committed to the exchange and diffusion of scientific innovation worldwide. For more than 45 years, the Mérieux Foundation has hosted representatives from all areas of healthcare and public health to participate in an active dialogue on key scientific and medical topics, ranging from HIV/AIDS vaccine research and tuberculosis diagnosis to food and water security.

In addition to local training and web-based knowledge sharing, the Mérieux Foundation has a central conference center for advanced institutional training and high-level scientific meetings. Annually, nearly 4,000 healthcare professionals – including researchers, clinicians, biologists, pharmacists, and representatives of healthcare and regulatory bodies from around the world – come to Les Pensiѐres Conference Center in France for multidisciplinary scientific knowledge exchanges.

Training for local communities

Strengthening clinical testing facilities in developing countries has little value unless those facilities are supported by trained local healthcare professionals, both lab technicians and top doctors and scientists.

The Mérieux Foundation has established partnerships with universities and training organizations from around the world in order to implement knowledge sharing programs that will reinforce local expertise. Training programs range from diploma-based courses to online training through GLOBE, and continuing education opportunities for in-country public health professionals to improve practices at the local level.

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