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The Mérieux Foundation has been actively strengthening laboratory capacity in Laos since 2005, and in that time it has renovated nine clinical biology laboratories, supervised the construction of the national Food Safety Laboratory, and constructed the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory (LRM) at the Ministry of Health in Vientiane.

In conjunction with the Mérieux Foundation’s GABRIEL network, the LRM conducts research on HIV/AIDS, chronic viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, viral respiratory infections, and human papillomavirus. It is also part of the Mérieux Foundation quality assurance initiative, which works to help laboratories achieve international ISO 15189 accreditation. Housed in the LRM, and in partnership with the national HIV and TB programs, the Center for Infectiology Lao Christophe Mérieux has been recognized as a benchmark laboratory for monitoring patients with HIV and chronic viral hepatitis.

Through its Lab Kham project, the Mérieux Foundation is forming a network of laboratories in the Khammuane province, and strengthening their capabilities through continuing education and training of both laboratory staff and physicians.

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