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Strengthening the skills of laboratory technicians in Cambodia and Laos

March 14, 2019 | Cambodia & Laos

As the quality of test results depends on the skills of laboratory staff, the Mérieux Foundation organizes training sessions in the countries where it operates.

From February 18th to March 1st 2019, the Graduate School of Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Lyon (France), in collaboration with the Foundation, conducted training of trainers sessions on pedagogy for medical biology teachers in Cambodia and Laos, and on biochemistry for laboratory technicians in Cambodia.

Continuous training is essential in a laboratory professionals’ career in order to keep up with ever-changing scientific developments. The Mérieux Foundation provides its expertise to regularly train laboratory technicians in medical biology, quality standards and processes, biosafety and maintenance. It also trains trainers in pedagogy so that they can then take charge of staff training.

Strengthening the skills of laboratory technicians in Cambodia and Laos
The latest training courses in Cambodia and Laos were conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the two countries. In both Cambodia and Laos, the objective was to train trainers, through theoretical and practical courses, in the pedagogy of medical biology. 19 teachers were included in each session.

In Cambodia, there was also training to strengthen the skills of 15 laboratory technicians in biochemistry, including biochemistry measures and troubleshooting.

These training courses are part of the “Continuous Training Plan” developed by each country and drafted in collaboration with the Mérieux Foundation.

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