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The New England Journal publishes dengue vaccine phase III clinical efficacy results

November 13, 2014 | Lyon (France)

For the Partnership for Dengue Control (PDC), an initiative hosted by Fondation Mérieux, the results published in the New England Journal of Medicine of the phase III clinical efficacy study of Sanofi Pasteur’s candidate dengue vaccine are very promising.

A safe and effective dengue vaccine has been lacking and the results of the study, which was conducted in 5 endemic countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, show a significant efficacy against the disease and high efficacy against its severe forms. These results confirm those of another study conducted in Asia and published 2 months earlier. They suggest that this vaccine could be a useful tool for public health, used in synergy with vector control measures.

PDC is working with international health agencies, dengue experts and leaders in public health to integrate novel tools for the prevention and control of dengue. Dengue vaccines, used in combination with mosquito control, antiviral drugs and innovative models for epidemiological surveillance, will be vital to effectively and sustainably control dengue in endemic countries.

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