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The Mérieux Foundation has worked in Togo since 2012, and the following year, Togo joined the West African Network of Biomedical Analysis Laboratories (RESAOLAB). Since that time, the Mérieux Foundation has constructed the new Directorate of Pharmacy, Drugs and Laboratories, under the Togolese Health and Social Protection Ministry, and renovated the practical workrooms of the Advanced School of Biological and Food Technology and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Togo joins the six other RESAOLAB countries in conducting laboratory assessments, laboratory technician training workshops, laboratory supervision, and quality assurance activities. In addition to helping increase laboratory capacity, the Mérieux Foundation also facilitates research on respiratory infections in Togo.

In 2015, with funding provided by the Agence de Médecine Préventive, Togo began the second phase of the PneumoTone study on etiological agents that cause pneumonia. The study analyzes the impact of several vaccination campaigns on respiratory infections in the Togolese city of Dapaong.

The Mérieux Foundation has been closely involved in training efforts in Togo, and has funded the continuing education students pursuing their BAMS (Bachelor in Applied Medical Biology) in Bamako, their DES in Medical Biology in Dakar, and several other scientists studying biological engineering.

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