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The Mérieux Foundation USA is a public charity dedicated to building capacity in developing countries to improve diagnostic capabilities for local healthcare, and for the surveillance, alert and response to infectious disease epidemics.

Fighting infectious diseases requires action on the part of the international community and a pooling of knowledge from all fields.

Alain Mérieux

This global mission aims to reduce the impact of infectious diseases on vulnerable populations in developing countries by enhancing local capacities.

Despite advances, infectious diseases remain a major global public health burden, and pose a threat to national and global security.

As an indispensable partner on the ground in disease hotspots around the world, the Mérieux Foundation USA and its global team strengthen local capacities to prevent the next pandemic and to counter biological threats.

The Mérieux Foundation USA involves U.S. foundations, government agencies and academic research institutions in our efforts to bring new scale and innovation to local laboratory and research facilities and training programs, strengthening capacities in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Located in Washington, D.C., the Mérieux Foundation USA builds on the over 45-year legacy of the Mérieux Foundation in Lyon, France, of creating and equipping sustainable laboratories, conducting collaborative research to find new diagnostics tools, educating lab technicians, and supporting knowledge sharing with local communities. Our extended team of experts operates on four continents, working independently and in collaboration with a vast network of international partners.

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