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Burkina Faso

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The Mérieux Foundation began working in Burkina Faso in 2009, as it became one of the three founding countries of the West African Network of Biomedical Analysis Laboratories (RESAOLAB), which provides laboratory training, supervision, quality assurance, and external quality assessment of public health laboratories throughout the country and elsewhere in West Africa. Currently, 121 Burkinabe medical analysis laboratories are under supervision by RESAOLAB.

As part of the RESAOLAB, the Mérieux Foundation has helped to increase Burkina Faso’s diagnostic and public health surveillance capacity by creating the Continuing Training Center and External Quality Control Unit in Ouagadougou, within the General Directorate of Pharmacy, Drugs and Laboratories. The Mérieux Foundation has also renovated and equipped three continuing training centers around the country, as well as the laboratory and practical workrooms of the School of Pharmacy of Ouagadougou.

Additionally, the Mérieux Foundation works in Burkina Faso to support the World Bank’s West African Regional Disease Surveillance (WARDS) program that enhances epidemiological surveillance in West Africa by establishing peripheral surveillance centers. As one of the G5 Sahel countries, Burkina Faso is involved in a project supported by the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation to create a biosecurity network for the diagnosis of highly pathogenic agents, and sent experts to be trained on the mobile laboratory at the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease in Bamako.

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