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The Mérieux Foundation’s first mission to Guinea was in 2010, and Guinea joined the West African Network of Biomedical Analysis Laboratories (RESAOLAB) in 2013. During the Ebola epidemic of 2014 and 2015, the Mérieux Foundation provided medical supplies, transport vehicles, and on-the-ground medical teams to fight the epidemic.

In the wake of the Ebola epidemic, the Mérieux Foundation – alongside the Guinean Ministry of Health, Expretise France, and Institut Pasteur, with funding from France’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development – has taken part in the LAB-NET project to improve monitoring of hemorrhagic fever by strengthening laboratory capacities. Since the project began in 2015, more than 105 Guinean laboratories have been evaluated, over 300 people have been trained in biosecurity and sample referencing, and a laboratory capacity map is in development.

In 2016, the Mérieux Foundation also launched LABOGUI to assist the Guinean Ministry of Health to implement a national clinical biology policy by improving institutional framework, laboratory management, and clinical biology conditions and practices.

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