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19 November 2018 | Bamako (Mali)

BSL-3 containment laboratory at the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease of Mali featured in the journal New Microbes and New Infections

An article written by teams from the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease of Mali and the Mérieux Foundation has been published online October 9th in New Microbes and New Infections. “Installing BSL-3 containment laboratories in low- and middle-income countries: challenges and prospects from Mali’s experience” highlights the complex process and challenges faced in establishing and running a biosafety level 3 containment laboratory (BSL3) in low- and middle-income settings.

13 November 2018 | Lyon (France)

Scientists warn of potential typhoid crisis after discovering new highly drug-resistant strains

Two new highly drug-resistant forms of Salmonella Typhi have been discovered in Bangladesh. The bacteria are responsible for typhoid fever, a life-threatening disease that is highly endemic in parts of Asia and Africa. A new lineage of S. Typhi that is highly resistant to first-line antibiotics in the fluoroquinolone family has been described for the first time, along with a new strain that is highly resistant to ceftriaxone, a third-generation cephalosporin that is the most commonly prescribed treatment for typhoid fever.

12 July 2018 | Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh)

In Rohingya refugee camps, a study to improve and adapt patient care in humanitarian crisis

The Mérieux Foundation began a new study to identify the pathogens at the onset of Lower Acute Respiratory Infections (LARI) in the context of a humanitarian crisis and to determine the healthcare interventions needed to improve patient care in such a setting.

28 June 2018 | Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

Haiti’s first National Laboratory Policy

On June 19th, in a ceremony presided over by Haiti’s Minister of Health, Dr. Marie Gréta Roy Clément, the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) launched the first National Laboratory Policy in Haiti. Partners including the European Union, GHESKIO Centres and the Mérieux Foundation met in Port-au-Prince to present the key points, strategies and implementation of this policy.

11 June 2018 | Lyon (France)

Death of Professor Ogobara Doumbo, public health visionary and role model

The Mérieux Foundation is deeply saddened by the loss of Professor Ogobara Doumbo, who passed away June 9th. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

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