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Promising pathways for regional disease surveillance networks

  • Authors: Moore M, Bond KC, Gresham LS, Rweyemamu M, Chowdhury AM, Bino S

  • Journal: Emerg Health Threats J. 2013;6

  • Type: Article

  • Directorate: Fondation Mérieux USA

  • Published: 2013


The globalization of trade and travel has led to the globalization of communicable diseases and, in turn, increased need for globalization of solutions to fight them. The self-organized regional disease surveillance networks described in this special issue of Emerging Health Threats are one such solution. They reflect the vision, commitment and leadership of country health leaders and their development partners (1–4). The networks described here are significantly different from and complementary to regional surveillance systems of the World Health Organization (WHO), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (5, 6).

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