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Saffold cardiovirus in children with acute gastroenteritis, Beijing, China

  • Authors: Ren L, Gonzalez R, Xiao Y, Xu X, Chen L, Vernet G, Paranhos-Baccala G, Jin Q, Wang J

  • Journal: Emerg Infect Dis. 2009 Sep;15(9):1509-11

  • Type: Article

  • Directorate: Scientific Directorate

  • Published: 2009


To understand Saffold cardiovirus (SAFV) distribution, prevalence, and clinical relevance in China, we retrospectively studied SAFV in children with acute gastroenteritis and found SAFV in 12 (3.2%) of 373. Sequence homology of virus protein 1 genes suggested these strains belong to the SAFV-1 sublineage. SAFVs were found in samples positive for other diarrhea-causing viruses.

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