LabBook unveils the latest version of its laboratory data management system

A new, faster version of the Mérieux Foundation’s laboratory data management software for developing countries is now available for everyone.

Financed jointly the by AFD and the Mérieux Foundation and developed by ÆGLÉ, the LabBook software helps medical biology laboratories in developing countries improve the management and control of their data, which are essential for guaranteeing high-quality analyses.

The latest version of the software, LabBook 3.0, is now available for free download. Faster and still just as easy to use as before, this version is also open-source, which means that the code is available on GitHub for anyone to use, change or share.

Version 3.0 can now export data to the DHIS2 health information software and the WHONET microbiology data management application.

Download LabBook

About LabBook

LabBook is a laboratory data management system. Easy to install and use, the system is secure and reliable and has been developed specifically for medical biology laboratories in developing countries. Created in 2010 by the Mérieux Foundation as part of the RESAOLAB project, LabBook has been designed as a tool to help laboratories move from paper processes towards computerized solutions. It is financed jointly by the AFD and the Mérieux Foundation and developed by ÆGLÉ.

Since its launch, LabBook has been tested, proven and improved. The software can be used on a standalone computer or all the computers in the laboratory. It is available in French and English and offers many useful and secure functions, supported by tutorial videos to help users get started:

  • Collection of clinical information
  • Input of technical and biological data
  • Validation of results
  • Printing of results sheets
  • Archiving of data
  • Recording and invoicing of laboratory analyses
  • Quality management
  • Generation of reports