Mérieux Foundation Presentation at The Union World Conference on Lung Health

“Improving the management of latent tuberculosis in Cameroon and Madagascar”

The Mérieux Foundation is proud to participate in The Union World Conference on Lung Health in Paris, November 15-18. The conference’s theme, “Transforming Evidence into Practice”, is strongly aligned with the Mérieux Foundation’s goal to bring innovations in diagnostics to National Tuberculosis Control programs in limited resource settings through operational research and clinical evaluation in the field.

On Thursday, November 16, Dr. Jonathan Hoffmann, who leads the Mérieux Foundation’s TB program, will give a talk on “Improving the management of latent tuberculosis in Cameroon and Madagascar”. During his presentation, he will discuss data from an ongoing operational research project sponsored by Expertise France, APRECIT, which will provide information about the impact of latent TB testing in Cameroon and Madagascar. Conducted in partnership with Institut Pasteur of Madagascar and the Centre Pasteur of Cameroon, the results of this study could change and improve latent TB testing in both countries, and could ultimately save lives.

Latent TB testing is a critical aspect of global TB management, as early detection can prevent progression to active, symptomatic, infectious TB disease. Clinical studies on latent TB testing have been instrumental in determining which individuals should be prioritized for testing, and which latent TB tests are most suitable for different patient populations and clinical settings. The data obtained from operational research studies can inform patient care, clinical practice, and even country-specific and global guidelines.


The T-SPOT.TB test: designing clinical studies and gathering data to improve access to tests that detect TB infection
A panel of experts will delve into the critical role that clinical trials play in developing and utilizing TB diagnostics. Explore the importance of supporting and prioritizing research of new and existing diagnostics, and hear about on-going research looking at the impact of testing for TB infection in high-burden settings.

Chaired by: Dr. Ruth BRIGNALL

  • Location: Room 243
  • Date: Thursday 16 November
  • Time: 07:15 – 08:15 CET

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