Over 2,300 students and professionals enrolled in the Mérieux Foundation’s first MOOC on quality management

The Mérieux Foundation is launching a MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – on quality management in clinical laboratories. The course, which is open to all, teaches about the implementation of quality management systems.

This interactive, online course is intended for any professional working in a clinical laboratory or in a laboratory quality team, as well as for students in these fields, especially in developing countries.

Created as part of the Mérieux Foundation’s Quality Initiative* and in partnership with AFNOR and Institut Pasteur, the course has three objectives:

  • Raise awareness among all laboratory staff on the challenges of continuous improvement,
  • Understand the workings of the ISO 15189 standard and its requirements,
  • Understand the methods and tools for setting up a quality management system.

Starting October 14, enrolled participants will be able to follow the training course, which is organized in five sessions, each lasting 1 to 2 weeks.

They will be able to choose between two learning tracks, depending on their level of skill and implication:

  • The knowledge path for theoretical training: “being an actor in the quality process”,
  • The skills path, which adds a practical dimension to the theory: “being responsible for the quality approach”.

Video presentation of the MOOC “Quality Management in a medical biology laboratory”

The MOOC is guided by expert speakers and uses innovative pedagogical tools: videos, feedback on concrete situations, or quizzes to ensure the acquisition of skills and new knowledge. It includes testimonies from professionals from laboratories that have set up a quality management system, to better understand the practical application of this approach, and particularly in a context of developing countries such as Burkina Faso, Haiti, Laos, and Mali.

Why apply for this online course? Because it gives you the opportunity to progress at your own pace and follow every session independently. The only constraint to be respected is the activity report.

All information on registration and access to the MOOC is available on the France Université Numérique website that hosts the course.