Sixteen biomedical analysis laboratories in Burkina Faso acquire LabBook software

A ceremony was organized by the department in charge of laboratories in Burkina Faso, with the support of RESAOLAB, to mark the deployment of LabBook, a laboratory data management system, in sixteen biomedical analysis labs in the country.

The launch ceremony was held at the Yalgado Ouédraogo university hospital and was attended by Dr Dabiré Dembéle Estelle from the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, Mr Daourou Constant, the hospital’s Managing Director, and members of staff at the hospital, as well as representatives of the Global Fund, the AFD (Agence Française de Développement or French Development Agency) and the Mérieux Foundation, including Professor Jean Sakandé, International Coordinator of RESAOLAB.

On this occasion, he underlined the importance of computerizing laboratories and the benefits of LabBook in terms of enhancing data management and control. Those attending the event also had the opportunity to visit the biochemistry department at the Yalgado Ouédraogo hospital, where LabBook had been installed.

“Computerizing the laboratory allows us to avoid any errors during the transcription of analysis results and therefore to improve management and quality,” said Prof Jean Sakandé.

He also underlined the efficient presentation of results for users, doctors and prescribing practitioners and the possibility of using LabBook to carry out cross-sectional studies for epidemiological surveillance.

“This digitalization project at the laboratory will allow the hospital to improve the quality of its testing by strengthening the capacities of laboratory staff, as well as allowing better control and management of data,” said Mr Daourou Constant from the biochemistry department at the Yalgado Ouédraogo university hospital.

Within the framework of this deployment, IT equipment including computers, printers and USB sticks has been supplied to the laboratories by the Mérieux Foundation, as part of the RESAOLAB project. The Mérieux Foundation has also recruited an IT consultant, who is available to the Department of biomedical analysis laboratories to install LabBook in sixteen laboratories, support them with its use and ensure the maintenance of equipment. Eight trainers have also been trained to monitor the deployment of the laboratory data management system and train users.

About LabBook

LabBook is a laboratory data management system developed by the Mérieux Foundation to help biomedical analysis laboratories in developing countries to improve their data management and thus guarantee high-quality analysis results. Version 3.2 of LabBook was backed by the West African Network of Biomedical Analysis Laboratories (RESAOLAB) with the financial support of the AFD.

Easy to install and use, LabBook has been designed as a tool to help laboratories move from paper processes towards computerized solutions, ensuring enhanced security and reliability. Its latest version is available for free download on an open-source basis – its code is available for anyone to use, change or share.

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