The 4th International Symposium of Asian experts “Vaccinology 2022” brings together public health stakeholders to discuss new approaches in the immunization field

The Mérieux Foundation in collaboration with the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP) organized the meeting “Vaccinology 2022: 4th International Symposium for Asian experts” from November 30 to December 2, 2022, in Manila, Philippines.

The 4th International Symposium of Asian experts

“Vaccinology” is an annual event also held in South America and other regions and aims to update knowledge, exchange experiences and design new approaches in the vaccination field.

For two and a half days, vaccine specialists, public health representatives, health economists, NIP Directors, and related national and international organizations have had the opportunity to discuss existing challenges and feasible strategies to improve health care, with a particular focus on immunization. The event brought together 60 participants who were able to attend conferences and take part in workshops.

“The path towards the success of the COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines depend on vaccine confidence. Vaccine confidence now depends on effective communication and careful planning”.  said Lulu Bravo, Professor of Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the College of Medicine, University of the Philippines Manila.

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