The Mérieux Foundation and the Every Breath Counts coalition announce the winners of the World Pneumonia Day small grants awards

The Mérieux Foundation and Every Breath Counts awarded 11 non-profit organizations small grants to support World Pneumonia Day events that strengthen local engagement in the fight against pneumonia.

The winning organizations are based in:

Each winner will receive 2,000 Euros to host activities during a World Pneumonia Week of Action beginning on November 7, 2022 and culminating in World Pneumonia Day on November 12, 2022. Several activities will be showcased during a Virtual World Pneumonia Day Webinar: “Fighting Pneumonia: An Agenda for Action,” on November 14, 2022.

The 11 winners were selected from 60 outstanding proposals reviewed by three judges – Dr. Valentina Picot of the Mérieux Foundation, Dr. Chizoba Wonodi from the International Vaccine Access Center, Johns Hopkins University and Leith Greenslade from Every Breath Counts.

The fight to reduce deaths from pneumonia has never been more critical.

The combined impact of the pandemic, climate change, and war is placing millions at risk of infection and death. Children living in areas where vaccination rates are declining, and malnutrition is rising due to food shortages, are particularly vulnerable. UNICEF has predicted an explosion in child deaths if there are not urgent efforts to reach these children.

Most of the populations dangerously exposed to pneumonia live in a group of low- and middle-income countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including the 11 countries that are home to the winning entries. Their efforts to mobilize communities to educate and empower families, and strengthen health systems to more effectively prevent, diagnosis, and treat pneumonia, will make a major difference.

The jury congratulates the winning organizations and look forward to showcasing their efforts on World Pneumonia Day to inspire many more communities to take action.


Dr. Valentina Picot
Mérieux Foundation

Leith Greenslade
Every Breath Counts Coalition

Winners of the World Pneumonia Day Small Grants Awards 2022
Organization Country Initiative Title Dates
ONG Agis Côte d’Ivoire Digital Lung Week November 7-12, 2022
Bako Youth Development Foundation Nigeria Let Us Fight Pneumonia! November 7-14, 2022
Hope for Vulnerable Children Association Cameroon Road Show Activation for Pneumonia November 9 & 11, 2022
Makerere University Lung Institute Uganda Improving Oxygen Systems and Utilization to Avert Childhood Pneumonia Deaths in Uganda October 24 2022 – November 12 2022
Focus on Ability Society Malawi Pneumonia Football and Netball Bonanza October 24 2022 – November 12 2022
Community Working Group on Health Zimbabwe Community Management of Pneumonia to strengthen PHC for UHC November 6-12, 2022
Rural Women Development Trust India Health camps for the unreached rural population in Salem District, Tamil Nadu November 7-12, 2022
Nur Foundation Pakistan Enhancing the Role of Lady Health Workers in Community Case Management of Pneumonia November 9, 2022
Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh Bangladesh Building Awareness on Pneumonia Prevention and Control November 7-12, 2022
Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation Philippines Building Awareness and Reducing Deaths from Pneumonia in Select Areas of Central Luzon August – December 2022
Center for Health and Disease Studies Nepal Pneumonia Awareness Campaign for Expectant Mother in Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital November 7-14, 2022