The Mérieux Foundation joins the Stop TB Partnership

The Mérieux Foundation has joined the Stop TB Partnership, an international organization bringing together the parties involved in fighting TB and the communities affected by this disease. The aim is to eradicate TB by 2030 – the objective of the END-TB 2030 strategy.

Joining this network allows the Mérieux Foundation to be recognized for its expertise and for its interventions as one of the key international players in the fight against TB. This will lead to new opportunities for collaboration between partners to improve screening and access to the diagnosis of TB. It also marks a strong commitment by the Mérieux Foundation to confirm its contribution to the shared goal of ending TB by 2030.

The Stop TB Partnership brings together expertise from a broad spectrum of national, regional, and global partners in their shared mission to end TB by 2030. Founded in 2001, the Stop TB Partnership is a United Nations-hosted organization that aims to serve the needs and amplify the voices of the people, communities, and countries affected by TB. It works towards coordinating and introducing sustained collaboration among partners; supporting the development of innovative approaches and tools; and facilitating access to diagnostics, treatment, and care for all those affected by TB.

The Mérieux Foundation’s role in the fight against TB involves combining community interventions for the most vulnerable populations with the strengthening of healthcare systems and laboratories. Its activities focus on improving access to diagnosis and operational research by integrating an essential component of capacity building and diagnostic innovations so that the needs of vulnerable populations can be met. Its research projects are aimed at improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from acute respiratory infections, particularly TB. This involves monitoring the transmission of the disease from patients known as contacts, usually within a household or community, to improve prevention and optimize treatment follow-up and success rates.

The Foundation’s strategy is based on close collaboration with national programs for dealing with TB, as well as with local institutions involved in community interventions, diagnosis and research.